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The vessel will be suitable for charter to private individuals, companies and institutions seeking to improve their awareness of the ocean. In this mode, the boat will have the capacity to hold 28 guests and 54 crew. Income from any chartered activity will help fund the ships research operations.

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George Gill

Owners Representative & Project Director, REV

George Gill is the Director of Miller Compton Maritime Ltd, offering owners representation, consultancy and project management for the marine sector.

Asked by Mr. Kjell Inge Røkke in May 2016 to develop the 183 metre research expedition vessel, REV, George became Project Director and started working on the project full-time in August 2016. The first steel cutting of REV commenced in February 2018 and REV is scheduled to be completed in 2020.

George has been a Chief Engineer in the superyacht industry since 1997. Originally starting at sixteen as a marine engineering apprentice on the River Thames England he moved into superyachts via four years in the flotilla sailing industry.

REV Principle dimensions

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Vessel Specifications

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DNV-GL ✠1A1, Passenger Ship, E0, ICE 1C, NAUT-NAV, BIS, CLEAN DESIGN Tier III, BWM-T, Recyclable, HELDK-SHF, SILENT-R, TMON, Battery power

SrTP – (Safe Return to Port) x2 engine rooms, x2 switchboard rooms, x2 propulsion room, emergency bridge, emergency galley, x2 fixed fire fighting system

USPH – (United States Public Health) galley arrangement meets US stringent health requirements for food hygiene, food transportation and handling

  • Dimensions

    LOA: 183.6m with trawl arrangement deployed
    Beam: 22m
    Heavy ship GT: 17,440
    Design Draft: 5.25

  • Speed

    Max speed 17.8 kts Sonar work 11 kts Biomass sampling 2 kts

  • Tankage

    MGO: 1156 m3 Potable water: 407 m3 Technical water: 100 m3 Clean waste water: 387 m3 Ballast water 1680 m3

  • Power

    4x Wärtsilä 8L26 2.7 MW ea

    2x 3200 kW ea. Electric main propulsion motors with SILENT R notation

    2x 4000mm 5 blade CPP (controllable pitch propellers) optimised for SILENT-R notation

    1x 880 kW controllable pitch tunnel thruster aft

    1x 880 kW controllable pitch tunnel thruster fwd

    1x 880 kW fixed pitch drop down azimuth thruster fwd

    Dynamic positioning system

  • Capacity

    Crew: 30 — Scientists: 60

    Crew: 30 — Scientists: 24 — Passengers: 36

    Crew: 54 — Guests: 28

Research equipment/systems

Forward sonar array in Gondola

Umbilical winch for ROV with 6000m capacity

ROV online and offline room with pilot and co-pilot seats and controls

Forward air sampling snorkel with a direct feed to aerosol laboratory

X2 C-Band/Ku-Band hi speed vSat terminals

Multiple work boats

Multiple laboratories with multi-functional usage, dry, wet chilled

36 seat auditorium for lectures with Dolby atmos

Media editing suite for videography, documentaries etc

Conference centre with large meeting room, small meeting room and hot-swap desk arrangement

Working/Container deck crane, 15T @ 25 meters or DBL string 30T @ 25 meters, that also can be used for coring system (6000m sampling).

X5 hangar gantry cranes, two units designed with 15T side load for auxiliary trawling arrangement, and plastic retrieval system

7.7 x 5m Moonpool with LARS for AUV, ROV, CTD, submarine and other scientific equipment

Dive centre - with decompression chamber, air, nitrox systems

Two helipads for drones and helicopter surveys

Container deck with umbilical room capacity for 16 20’ containers single layer or 31 20’ containers double layer, umbilical room supplies multiple voltage power, water, data connections for containerised laboratories, ROV, AUV, reefer modules

Eco-harvesting system for live catch and release of biomass and pelagic samples

Aft trawling arrangement inside targa for mid-water column pelagic sampling

Aft towing arrangement for a trailed sonar array

X2 drop keel for accurate sonar work, sampling,

Underwater hydrophone system for listening to ocean mammals

Coring system capable of 18 mtr long 80mm coring samples at 6000 mtrs with 20T coring traction winch either through hangar doors or from working/container deck

R & D workshop for concept into practice solutions

Multi-purpose exhibition room, lecture room

Green philosophy

Diesel electric engines with an additional 3MW lithium-ion battery pack for peak shaving and ensuring optimum efficiency, with silent running under batteries alone for limited periods of time at biomass sampling speeds 2 kts during research missions

Medium speed generators compiling with the latest Marpol Tier III regulation with additional DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters)

High efficiency frequency controlled research winch package with energy recovery system, so that power can be harvested on winch release and re-directed into battery pack

Heat recovery on all main generators and incinerator for feeding back into hot water circuits and HVAC, reducing power demands from generators. Heat recovery system used for generating free fresh water through evaporator plant 30 m3/24 hrs

“Free cool” system for air conditioning system in sea water temperature below 10 degrees, reducing power consumption.

Hi-tech incinerator system allowing materials onboard to be incinerated in an environmental way without producing noxious gases and creating limited char, meaning the ship does not have to offload plastic waste to shoreside facilities in countries with limited ability to dispose of plastics. Every 1 kg of waste burnt puts 110kw thermal power back into ships systems.

LED lighting systems throughout the vessel to reduce power consumption.

VARD SeaQ “Green Pilot” system for monitoring COx, SOx and NOx emissions plus other environmental parameters to allow the crew to run the ship in the most environmental way keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum.

Ballast water treatment system to prevent species cross-contamination across ocean zones.

Built under DNV-GL SILENT-R notation for maximum prevention of underwater acoustic pollution.

Hull construction built to ICE PC6 for navigation in ice-covered water, medium first-year ice with old inclusions, machinery specified to ICE 1C.

Decks covered in FSC- CW (controlled woods).

Autonomy – for full complement of 90 persons

Dry good stores: 165 m3 Refrigerated stores: 93 m3 Freezer stores: 76 m3 Drink stores: 60 m3.

Enough stores for 90 persons for 114 days, for longer trips extra stores can be provided in reefer containers on deck at 20 additional days per container fully loaded.

MGO: 1156 m3.

Range: 21,120 nautical miles at 11 kts speed.

Wastewater: 387 m3.

Enough capacity to treat and store wastewater from 90 persons for 21 days before discharging, allowing the vessel to discharge to shore facilities or to discharge well beyond legal requirements.

Hospital with medic cabin.

Facilities for scientists and crew

TV and recreational lounges, internet centre, gym, and mingling zone