REV Ocean Research expedition vessel

Explore the ship
Explore the ship

“I am a fisherman, and curious by nature. Resources in the oceans and on the seabed have provided significant value for society – and also for my family and myself. For this, I am very grateful.”


“Marine life is under considerable pressure, and a large-scale rescue operation is needed. If we are to overcome these challenges, we have to move from talk to action, and develop the specific solutions the oceans need.”


REV The ship will be a Research Expedition Vessel

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Independent scientists, marine experts, and innovative thinkers from all over the world will have access to the ship and the on-board technology. The objective is to increase knowledge and promote innovation to overcome some of the greatest challenges we currently face:

  • Climate change and marine pollution due to increasing CO2 emissions.
  • Plastic and other pollution
  • Overfishing and bycatch

The new ship is designed to operate in remote and vulnerable waters for long periods without additional supplies and/or external support.

The shipbuilding group Vard in Norway has been commissioned to build the ship, which will be equipped with world-leading Norwegian maritime technology from suppliers including Kongsberg Maritime, Simrad and Seaonics.

The ship is scheduled for delivery early 2021.

George Gill

Owners Representative & Project Director, REV

George Gill is the Director of Miller Compton Maritime Ltd, offering owners representation, consultancy and project management for the marine sector.

Asked by Mr. Kjell Inge Røkke in May 2016 to develop the 183 metre research expedition vessel, REV, George became Project Director and started working on the project full-time in August 2016. The first steel cutting of REV commenced in February 2018 and REV is scheduled to be completed in 2020.

George has been a Chief Engineer in the superyacht industry since 1997. Originally starting at sixteen as a marine engineering apprentice on the River Thames England he moved into superyachts via four years in the flotilla sailing industry.