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Sharing Data with the World

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One of the biggest challenges facing global marine research is lack of knowledge. Compared to the innovation and research done on land, data-driven marine research is far behind. In fact, nobody knows how much data is available about the oceans today.

There are a number of smaller data initiatives and platforms in the world today, but no all-encompassing platform combining it all. The Ocean Data Platform is an initiative to change this.

Healing the ocean with data

A global Ocean Data Platform for the global common good.
No-one knows how much data about the ocean exists today. From the local to the global scale, from marine biology to vessel tracking, thousands of people, organizations and companies capture data about the ocean. Yet, the vast majority of ocean data is dark inaccessible data and not easily accessible to enable analysis and insight. There are already a number of different data initiatives and platforms, but no all-encompassing platform combining it all. Systemizing available knowledge and data, and making it readily available for the public, decision-/policymakers and businesses worldwide will greatly alleviate some of the major challenges currently facing marine conservation.

This is the ambition of REV Ocean’s Global Ocean Data Platform

The establishment of a global, unifying ocean data platform will hopefully enable unbiased research and facilitate a data-driven debate, leading to better decision-making and enable more successful conservation and utilization of ocean resources.

To mention a few of the possible areas of use, The Ocean Data Platform can be a valuable tool for legislators - governments, international organizations, coastguards – in the prevention of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU), for businesses when it comes to environmental predictions, and for non-profit organizations in the selection of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). In the case of MPAs the visualizer is a heat map indicating the eligibility of different areas to become MPAs based on important criteria such as biodiversity, endangered species and economic activity. The user is at liberty to weigh parameters as desired, include specific animals to see their critical habitats and areas of importance and observe correlation between current MPAs and exclusive economic zones. The underlying functionality of the platform enables the combination of all these data, no matter the source or different formats.

The data platform will:

1) Contribute to data liberation from source systems and remove the data silos

2) Contextualize the data in a common data model to enable cross domain analytics and visualizations, and

3) Make data available through open, high performing and well documented APIs to make it as easy as possible to access data and build applications.

The platform will be based on open collaboration with (all) existing data providers and knowledge hubs for ocean data – and the data will be shared for free.

Currently being developed in collaboration with Cognite and the Friends of Ocean Action.

A demo version of the Ocean Data Platform was launched in San Francisco in September 2018. Our ambition is to launch a full-scale version of the platform at the Our Ocean conference in Oslo in 2019.