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To protect the marine environment, REV Ocean has plans to build the World Ocean Headquarters.

The vision is to bring together knowledge-based institutions in the marine sector including sustainable fisheries and ocean management, shipping, marine technology, aquaculture, public and private sector initiatives, NGOs and educational institutions.

By gathering such organisations under one roof and creating an ocean research and innovation hub, we will enable sustainable solutions to develop to solve the challenges facing the oceans.


We want to develop this with support and input from the public and have created an open platform to give us feedback. The survey, DittInnspill is currently in Norwegian only.

Marianne Stigset

Senior Vice President of Communications, Public Affairs and Sustainability at FP Eiendom (Aker)

For media inquiries related to the World Ocean Headquarters, please contact Marianne Stigset

P: +47 411 884 82


Oceans are under pressure due to climate change, overfishing and waste pollution. To ensure the future growth of the ocean economy, we need to harvest resources in a sustainable way. I wish you all the best in establishing a World Ocean Headquarter that will gather, under the same roof, world class knowledge and experience. This initiative will contribute to more sustainable solutions for management of the oceans in the future.

Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg.

The big blue

The Skyscraper’s wavelike façade stimulates associations with waves on the nearby fjord. But the surface of the sea is a deceptive boundary, which has long prevented us from treating the deep sea with the same respect as our own habitat. The surface of the sea is a treacherous yet vital, a boundary that here becomes natural to break. This describes the tower’s primary function: humanity must understand that life beneath the ocean’s surface concerns us all. In the same way that the façade breaches the boundary between inside and outside, seen in its entirety it conveys the message that the difference between the sea and the atmosphere is less than we imagine.

The landmark building

The ocean vessel REV is built to see, whilst the World Ocean Headquarters is built to be seen. But the two are connected. The height of the tower conjures an image of the ship’s significance. Somewhere out in the vast oceans the ship ploughs through the water, providing us with an ever clearer and more complete picture of the ecology of the ocean depths. In World Ocean Headquarters we see the possibility to emphasize the significance of this knowledge. The skyscraper is not just a landmark, but its form and presence narrate the sea’s invaluable importance for life on earth. The Big Blue will describe the ocean depths.