Hailing from the coastal town of Tromsø in northern Norway, Øystein became well acquainted with the ocean from an early age. His love for the marine lifestyle led him to become a naval officer, followed by two decades at Norwegian Polar Institute where he took part in expeditions and scientific cruises in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Prior to joining REV Ocean, he led the construction of Kronprins Haakon – Norway’s newest and most advanced ice-breaking polar research vessel.

In his spare time Øystein prefers sea and snow related activities, especially cross country and downhill skiing. His hometown offers plenty opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, with its geographical location allowing for picturesque sea-to-summit ventures – being able to see the ocean while traversing mountain ridges is “the perfect combination”, in Øystein’s own words. As much as he loves the Polar areas, Øystein would really like to explore the tropics, which would be a completely new experience for him.