Born in the UK and residing in Oxford, Alex has a scientific background and experience unlike most others. Previously a Professor of Conservation Biology at University of Oxford, he has spent a quarter of a century studying the deep sea and coral reefs. His scientific track record has focused mainly on marine biodiversity and its drivers, but also human impacts on the ocean and how to mitigate them. Accomplishments include participation in no fewer than thirteen scientific cruises (whereas four as Chief Scientist), diving in a submersible to more than 3,000 meters, and shaking hands with an open-minded octopus. It’s all part of the job.

When not leading pioneering hydrothermal vent expeditions or steering submersibles deep into the abyss, Alex most of all enjoys spending time with his family and observing wildlife in its natural environment. Board and role-playing games are also a favorite of his, so much so that he is currently running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for his two eleven-year-old daughters. Other pastimes include scuba diving, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, collecting old oceanography and natural history books, and eating cheese cake.

His dream research expedition would be for REV set sail towards the Indian Ocean to study the largely unexplored vents of the South West, Central and South East Indian Ridges, in order to understand how the biological communities on them are structured and how populations across the southern Indian Ocean are connected. These are critical data for science-driven management of sulfide mining, for which purpose these seabeds are currently being surveyed.

We welcome Alex to the team and look forward to working with him!