- Norway is a world-leading marine and maritime nation and has the opportunities and prerequisites for taking on a global leadership role for the ocean. Our goal is to facilitate the gathering of world-class knowledge-, innovation- and research communities at World Ocean Headquarters outside Oslo, says Nina Jensen, CEO of REV Ocean.

The vision is shared by the Norwegian government. At the launch today, the Norwegian Prime Minister said:
- Oceans are under pressure due to climate change, overfishing and waste pollution. To ensure the future growth of the ocean economy, we need to harvest resources in a sustainable way. I wish you all the best in establishing a World Ocean Headquarter that will gather, under the same roof, world class knowledge and experience. This initiative will contribute to more sustainable solutions for management of the oceans in the future.

Also supporting the initiative is IOC of UNESCO:

- We all know that the ocean health is in danger. Many frameworks and agreements are already in place. But we need to move from words and texts to action. The global ocean solutions hub at Fornebu will bridge research, business, governments and NGOs and will help IOC of UNESCO and its partners to better shape the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). The Fornebu ocean hub will act as a solid platform for continued cooperation of IOC with REV Ocean. It is exciting to know that a newest and most advanced research vessel will soon ply the global ocean and that she will be available to host scientists from all the world, especially from developing countries. We also really look forward to the new possibilities to expand the use of ocean data by creating a global Ocean Data Platform, says Executive Secretary Vladimir Ryabinin.

- Through generations, Aker and Aker-owned companies have been a driving force in the development of knowledge-based industry related to marine and maritime resources. Aker will facilitate the realization of the World Ocean Headquarters, says Øyvind Eriksen, President and CEO of Aker.

The Swedish architect firm Wingårdhs won the Nordic architect competition with their landmark building “The Big Blue”, a design created to remind us of the ocean’s invaluable significance for life on earth.

The World Ocean Headquarters is designed as a “campus” - an open space with several structures and one landmark building. The ambition is to bring together world-class knowledge-based institutions related to blue economy, such as sustainable fisheries and ocean management, shipping, marine technology and aquaculture. Offices, conference facilities, apartments and hotel will be included in this thriving knowledge center.