Arendaluka’s aim is “to lower the threshold for political participation and inspire civic engagement, by creating a politically independent forum where citizens meet political leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, governmental organizations, media and NGOs”.

With over 1000 different events and 70 000 visitors, Arendalsuka has grown to become a major political hot spot and the place to be. One of this year’s main topics was the health of the ocean, particularly the problem of marine litter. Politicians met with NGOs, business leaders and international representatives from countries greatly affected by plastic pollution, such as the Bahamas, Palau and South Africa, to discuss how we best can tackle this problem together. The need to speed up the process with a Norwegian ban on single use plastic was underlined, along with other solutions such as knowledge sharing across borders and the need for better waste management systems internationally.

Plastic producers were also present, stating their view and explaining how they can to be part of the solution. Holding producers accountable for the entire lifespan of their products, encouraging increased R&D and implementing reward systems on recycling for more plastic products will contribute to less plastic entering our ocean.

Increasing marine protection is a goal in areas where the need is most urgent and where the potential for their contribution is highest. Having protection from human activities such as overfishing, dumping, seabed mining, oil and gas exploration and coastal development, marine protected areas currently cover less than 4% of the world’s oceans.

REV Ocean was present in Arendal and CEO Nina Jensen spoke passionately at several events about our vision and how we will contribute to increased cooperation, enhanced understanding and ultimately - concrete solutions. When good forces combine, we can find good solutions to keeping our oceans healthy and in a functioning ecological state.