The agreement between REV Ocean and IMR is project-based. Several areas have already been identified where the parties can benefit from working together.

Areas of Cooperation include:

  1. Collaboration on vessel operations, including scientific equipment;
  2. Research collaboration where there are mutual interests in scientific areas (e.g. mesopelagic ecology);
  3. Collaboration with a view to explore possibilities for an improved digitalization of ocean observation and data management. This will include:
    • Linking the Ocean Data Platform and the Norwegian Marine Data Center
    • Digital modelling of data from physical water columns, the bottom habitats and the organisms
    • Visualization modules generating user-controlled displays or virtual reality (VR)
  4. Through a working group, develop proposals of possible “Revolutionary Marine Science Infrastructure” like the Megacosm project.

View and download the full agreement at this LINK (WeTransfer)