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The oceans cover 70 percent of our planet. They provide a basis of existence for the world’s 7 billion inhabitants, both as a source of food and as a foundation for jobs, value creation, and welfare development.

However, the oceans are also under greater pressure than ever before from overfishing, coastal pollution, habitat destruction, climate change and ocean acidification, and one of the most pressing challenges of all, plasticisation of the ocean. The need for knowledge and solutions is pressing.

Kjell Inge Røkke and Nina Jensen have a strong commitment to saving the world’s oceans. For this purpose, they have established the company, REV Ocean, on three founding pillars:

Build the world's largest research and expedition ship

In 2021 the world's largest research and expedition vessel will be launched. The ship will assemble international researchers in a joint effort to acquire more knowledge, create more awareness, develop new and sustainable maritime solutions and collect plastic waste.

Build the World Ocean Headquarters

Our ambition is to build the World Ocean Headquarters at Fornebu. Here we want to bring together researchers, voluntary organizations, businesses and various marine environments, who together will work innovatively to find solutions to save lives in the ocean.

Create the World Ocean Data Platform

Everyone must contribute to find good and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the oceans. World Ocean Data Platform will seek to gather all available information about the sea in a digital platform, which will be made available to various environments worldwide.

We believe that these three initiatives will create increased maritime awareness, through new jobs, national and international networks of scientists, researchers and ocean specialists and other exciting activities.

We have set a very ambitious goal. We want to succeed, and we want to do that in close cooperation with others sharing the same goal.

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